Costume Designer

with Joseph Noonan

Physical Theatre, Text and Butoh performance at The Meat Market; Stables, May/June 2021

Produced by Weave Movement Theatre

Director + Choreographer Yumi Umiumare

Starring David Baker, Willow J Conway, Trevor Dunn, Janice Florence, Zya Kane, Greg Muir, Emma Norton, Anthony Riddell, Takashi Takiguchi, Leisa Prowd.

Lighting Design Rachel Lee + Harrie Hogan

Sound Design Dan West

Mask Artist Pimpisa Tinpalet

Outside Eye Maude Davey

Videographer Tan Kang Wei

Photography Vikk Shayen


Wannabe A Rabbit? is a fusion of physical theatre, text, and Butoh. The production moves between the surreal and absurd; humorously reversing perceptions of difference and exploring themes, such as the tendency to categorise, distance and suspect ‘outsiders’. It explores universal questions like: Will I ever be perfect? Am I invisible? How do I get out of here? It’s dark. Is that a rabbit? What am I-black/white, man/woman/other less/more, an Aussie oy, oy? Yumi Umiumare, director of the show and Butoh performance artist's characteristic absurd humour strikes a chord with people with a disability, whose experience as a marginalised group often develops a sharp sense of the absurd and an ingenious, lateral take on life and art. Common features of Butoh include 'playful and grotesque imagery, taboo topics, extreme or absurd environments. Following a successful season of White Day Dream and two enthusiastically received appearances at the ButohOUT! festivals in 2018 and 2019, this dynamic collaboration between Yumi and Weave brings you a new show full of light and dark, whimsy, absurdity and unexpected insight.

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